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1-A patient of prolonged use of enalapril will show
a)increase in k b) decrease in k
2- in digitalis toxicity treatmen????
a)monitor level of k and Mg and correct them if needed
b) monitor ECG
c)ask about the last dose of digitalis
3- in digitalis toxicity give patient an element which is:
a) digoxine fab.immuone
b) Mg c) k
4- domperidone is used for nausea& vomiting

5- omeprazole is used for hyper acidity
6- atropine side effect
a) constipation b) diarrhea c) increase salive

7-All are side effect of methotrexate except????:
a)oral ulcer b)alopecia
c) d)
8-All are risk factors for osteoporosis except:
a)low Ca intake b)less exposure to sunlight
c)male gender
9-Erythromycin antibiotic is:
a)slightly effective against Gm+ve
b)is an Aminoglycosides antibiotic
c) pregnant can not take it if it is necessary
d) pregnant can take it if it is necessary
10- Used as a decongestant is Phenylephrine

11- A side effect of enalapril:..???
a) glucose intolerance b) arterial renal stenosis
12-A patient of prolonged use of Spironolactone diuretic will show
a)increase in k b) decrease in k
13- A Characteristic of shock is
a) vasoconstriction b) hyperperfusion
c) hypoperfusion
14- Not given to patient of asthma
a)inhaled corticosteroids b) B2 agonist
c)leukotrienes modulators d) B2 antagonist

15-make depletion of biogenic amines from stores
a) Reserpine b) Guanethidine c) Guanabenze
16- Vit. C.ascorbic a
17- carbidopa w levodopa :.
a) inhibition of levodopa decarboxylation
b) inhibition of levodopa oxidation
18- Cholestyramine..anti-hyperlipidemic
19- A patient has slightly increase in LDL is advised to all the following except
a) initiation of drug ttt b) excersize
c) low fat intake
20- Thiopental is described as
a) ultrashort-acting barbiturate b) fast acting barbiturate

21-cushing -like syndrome is due to
a) adrenal hyperplasia b) adrenal hyporplasia
c) Hypothyroidism d) hyperthyroidism

21- essential hypertension may be due to
a) taccy cardia b) pheorcomocytoma
c)family factor
22- Morphine causes respiratory depression by
a) depression of respiratory center in brain
b) activation of respiratory center in brain
c) depression of CTZ receptors center in brain
d) activation of CTZ receptors center in brain
23- one part of a solute dissolved in 10,000 parts in of a solvent.the solute described as:..???
a) high soluble b) slightly soluble
c) sparinegly y soluble d)insoluble

24- Reserpine not to be given to patient of Parkinsonism treated by
a) levodopa b) Indomethacin
25-Calcium-channel blockers mode of action
a) increase the inward calcium to cells b) decrease the inward calcium to cells
26-Propranolol.none selective b blocker
( )
27-terazosinalpha 1 blocker
??? All the following are effects of Captopril except: 28-
a) block the ACE
b) decrease the breakdown of bradykinin
c) inhibition of aldosterone
d)ttt of CHf
28-A drug has the same moity of another one but not necessary to has the same dosage form or the same dose .the two drug are be described as:
a) bioequivalents b) Pharmaceutical equivalents
c) Pharmaceutical alternatives..: make sure
29- First-pass metabolism depends on :?????
a) biotransformation rate b) biotransformation capacity
c) pKa of the drug
30- Pharmacokinetic constant is: ?????
a) Zero-order b) First-order c) 2nd-order
31-which is (are) electromagnetic waves?????
a)X-ray b) Beta- ray c) Gama- ray d)a+c
( )
32- in digoxin toxicity shows PR prolongation???? : make sure
33- Coal tar used for ttt of
a)Fat malabsorption b)psoriasis
34- degradation of a solid drug into small fragment in a process befpre absorption : make sure
a)desintigration b)dissolution c) a+ b
35-Aspartame used as.sweetener
36- ophthalmic preparations: make sure
a) solution, suspention and then ointment
b) solution, ointment and then suspention
c) suspention, solution and then ointment
d) suspention, ointment and then solution
e) ointment, solution and then suspention

37- Tetracaine is:
a) Local Anesthetics b)opoid analgesic
38- highly used solid dosage form is:
a) tablet b)poweder
c) Soft Gelatin Capsule d) hard gelatin capsules
39-A patient of prolonged use of thiazide diuretic will show
a)increase in k b) decrease in k
40- cytochrome P450 enzyme inhibition by.???
a) hydrolysis b) oxidation
41- All are clinically used opioids except:
a) morphine b) codeine
c) Heroin d) methyl morphine
42- Measurement of drug effect by
a) Pharmacodynamic parameter b) pharmacokinetics parameter
43- A patient shows hypersensitivity w , Ampicillin can take
a) Erythromycin b) Cephalexin
c) Cefixime d) Augmentin
44- has intrinsic sympathomimetic activity pindolol
45- effect of histamine:
a) Vasoconstriction b) increase in gastric secretion
46- pH is :
a) Measurement of acidity b) low in basic drugs
c) high in acidic drugs
47- Elevation of HLDL means
a) high risk of atherosclerosis b) low risk of atherosclerosis

48- Phase 0 of Arrhythmia: This phase is one of rapid depolar- ization caused by the influx of Na
49- Phase 1 of Arrhythmia: initial depolarization is due to a transient and active potassium efflux. Calcium begins to move into the intracellular
50- Phase 2 of Arrhythmia: plateau Phase Calcium influx continues and is balanced to some degree by potassium efflux
: Phases of Arrhythmia 3 Phases
51- All are effects of digoxin except:
a)inotropic effect b) chronotropic effect
c) increase AV conduction d)
52- Antacid has a Cathartic side effect is..?????
a)calcium carbonateb) magnesium hydroxide
c) Al .silicate d)
53- A salt is a 25 c temp. is soluble in benzene more than water
This salt is: : make sure
a)polar b) non-polar
c) hydrophilic d)
54- All are alpha 2 agonist except: ..?????
55-side effect of aldosterone..?????
a) dyspnea b) flushing
c) a+ b d)
(55) 14-11-2009
56- propranolol given w hydralazine toreduce reflex Tachycardia
57-O.M.every morning
58-p r nwhen required
59-cyclizine is used for nausea& vomiting
60-warfarine antidote.vit.K
61- propranololnonselective b b
62-Q 4 h. every 4 hours
63- doxazosin is
a) postsynaptic alpha1 blocker b) presynaptic alpha1 blocker
64-main side effect of nitrites is..headache
65-volatile liquid drug given as inhaler.Amyl nitrite
66- Nifedipine is..CCB
67- Pancuronium isneuromuscular blocker
68-used for hypertension and migraineclonidine

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